Don’t Overdo the Cleaning Agent!

KEEP CALMDon’t Do It!!!

In removing spots on carpeting, people often think that if a little cleaning agent is good, a
 bunch is great! Unfortunately, the reverse is true.

The reason: Cleaning agent residue left in carpeting becomes tacky and collects soil. The 
more cleaning agent is used to remove a spot, the harder it is to get out. And if he doesn’t get
it out, in time, a dirty spot will appear. Using FAR too much cleaning agent can cause a permanent

The bottom line: Use only enough cleaning agent to do the job. And, afterwards, rinse it
 out of the carpet.

How? With a bath towel (folded to four layers) close at hand, pour warm water on the
spot. Lay the towel over it and step on it.

Repeat this rinsing procedure three to four times.

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