Carpet Spots: Be sure or you may be sorry

Carpet Spots: Certainty can lead to uncertaintyCarpet Spots

One of my clients had a party, and she served red wine over white carpeting. And, as accidents happen, that was a mistake. In both her formal living and dining rooms, there were many red wine drip-spots. One guest even dropped her wine glass. And on the following day, I received her call for help!
All the drip carpet spots came out without a problem, but, where the entire glass of wine was dropped, the stain got stubborn.
“Did anybody work on this spot?” I asked the lady.
“Yes. One of my guests poured white wine on it. She said that white wine was a sure-fire remedy for red wine stains.”
Pouring wine on top of wine is a terrible waste of wine, since all the white wine would do is dilute the red. For this purpose, water is cheaper.
If you’re going to serve red wine over carpeting, it’s wise to keep a bottle of club soda handy. And, if an accident happens, first, soak up as much spilled wine as possible, then pour club soda over the spot. Lay a bath towel—folded to four layers—over the spot and step on it. Repeat this rinsing procedure three to four times and leave the area to air dry. Do not apply white wine.