Beware of ‘Carpet Professionals’ who Aren’t

Not long ago, a prospective customer called to

ask if I used ‘chemicals’ in cleaning carpeting.
“Yes. Of course I do,” I told her. “Why are youCarpet Professionals
“Because I need my carpeting cleaned. But the
salesperson who sold it to me said that I should
not have it cleaned by any method that used
chemicals,” she explained.
Such advice is equivalent to saying, “Never
clean your carpeting,”

Clothes, dishes, windows, hard-surface flooring,
and certainly carpeting are all washed with
chemicals. Toothpaste is a chemical. Water is a
chemical, it’s chemical formula being H2O.
Bad advice from carpet salespeople is not uncommon.
Instead of sending people on an endless
search for a carpet cleaning method that
doesn’t exist, this salesperson should have advised
the lady to select caring carpet professionals
who carefully rinses cleaning agent from carpeting,
which we certainly do. Still, many don’t.