Carpet Cleaning: Is Your Clean Carpet Dull & Dingy?

Why do some carpeted path-ways look dull and dingy even after carpet cleaning?

There are two potential causes:

1. The carpet was not cleaned thoroughly. Since soil absorbs light, the carpet looks dingy. Ground in filth, such as in pathways, can be difficult to remove So, never permit pathways to become excessively soiled before you clean.

2. Carpet soils contain huge amounts of grit. Grit is a microscopic rock with many sharp, gagged cutting edges. So, walking on soiled carpeting is like walking on sandpaper. The grit gouges and scratches the yarn’s smooth, polish finish. After it has been scratched and gouged by abrasive grit, it can’t reflect light rays as well, causing it to look dull and lifeless. The dullness is damage, and no amount of cleaning can remove it.If you want to keep your carpet looking beautiful (and sanitary) clean your high traffic areas as soon as soil begins to show.

Walking on soiled car-pet is like walking on sandpaper! Make sure you hire someone that does professional carpet cleaning for the best results.

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