Carpet Cleaning: The case of the ‘Professionals Jerk’

When you talk with your friends and the subject of carpeting comes up, I’d take as a personal favor if you’d warn them: Often enough new customers tell me that their carpet salesman told them not to clean their carpeting until “you just have to.” “Once you clean your carpeting, it will get dirty faster,” they say. Our houses will also fall down around our ears if they aren’t build right. Does that mean we should live in a cave?

Carpet Professionals
If carpeting is cleaned properly, rapid soiling won’t be a problem. But there are also two other facts:
1) Carpeting that is not cleaned will have to be replaced sooner.

2) Maintaining carpet properly can double it’s life. Are these the reasons some carpet sales people are passing out this very bad advice?
“The sooner people ruin their carpeting, the sooner they’ll buy more,” seems to be their rationale.

EPA Warning!

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more and more people are succumbing to allergies and asthma because we are not keeping our indoor environments clean. “The pollutants are coming indoors, but we’re not cleaning them out. We spend no more than .05% of our income on cleaning,” says Dr. Michael Berry, Deputy Director, EPA.

You’re heard it a thousand times: “People don’t listen.” Well, it just ain’t true!

At the beginning of my last newsletter, I talked about the advantages of pre-scheduling carpet cleaning: You get service when it’s needed and when you want it. You avoid excessive soil damage, the sudden rush, confusion, and hassle. And your carpeting stays pretty. Planned management makes sense. Still, even I was surprised by the number of calls I’ve gotten to pre-schedule cleaning with our flexible arrangement.
More proof that people listen: My last newsletter ended with a discussion on atmospheric soil buildup in formal areas. More calls came to clean them. “I know you’re right. I just never thought about it,” one client commented. Smart people do listen! The best solution to any problem is to avoid it. Don’t delay. Get it out of the way. A 60-second phone call can prevent future problems.

Our purpose in life is help you solve problems. When you don’t call for free advice, we feel … So Unnecessary!!!

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And the best Free advice I can give you is, don’t waste your resources.

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