Carpet Cleaning: The cost is nothing to ‘sneeze’ at

Carpet Cleaning

A prospective customer mentioned that she had recently gone to her doctor because of her allergy problems and that he had given her a nasal spray sample. “If this works for you, let me know, and I’ll phone in a prescription,” the doctor said. “Well, the spray was the best I’ve ever used,” she explained.
“So, when I was almost out of it, I decided to call for a prescription. But I though I’d first check with the pharmacy to see what it cost. I couldn’t believe it.
One ten-gram container, a three-week supply, cost $61.00! Can you believe it? That adds up to $1067.50 a year just on nasal spray. But what do you do?”

Getting back to her carpet, I asked how old it was and when it was last cleaned. “Well, let’s see. It was put down six years ago next month, and it’s never been cleaned.” Because carpet collects shoe soil, we don’t spread it all over the house. That’s a plus!
But, just like trash containers, they must be cleaned periodically, otherwise these contaminants threaten health. If this lady was willing to spend even half the cost of her nasal spray on carpet cleaning, she would probably cut all of her medical expenses, not just nasal spray.

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