Avoid hassle, frustration, and disappointment Manage your home environment for good health and better economics

Manage your home environment for good!

I get calls all the time from people in a hurry. “My mother-in-law is coming, and my carpet is in terrible shape. Can you come clean it this week?” Or, “I’m tired of looking at this mess. Can you clean my carpet in the next day or two?”

With children and school, band and football practice, dental and doctor appointments, life can turn into a rat-race. Just not enough time to get it all done. Management? What management? The squeaking wheel gets the grease. The problem is, the soil that’s building up on your floors and furniture doesn’t make a sound, … until one day you look down and the very ugly truth screams!!! at you.

But then there’s another problem: The gradual soil buildup is also gradually damaging your furnishings, gradually downgrading the appearance of your home, and gradually increasing the threats to your family’s health. So, what’s the answer? “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” I’ve heard, which stresses another fact: For carpet soil damage, there is no cure, save replacing it. And save for the cost of your home, your carpeting is probably the most expensive thing you have in it, which leaves us with the ounce of prevention:

More and more people are seeing the wisdom in planned management—pre-scheduled, periodic cleaning. Advanced scheduling prevents excessive carpet damage, keeps it looking beautiful, and helps to keep your home sanitary, which makes a lot of sense.

“But I don’t know how often my furnishings will need cleaning. And how am I to know what’s going to come up, what day would be best? And, frankly, I don’t know that I want to obligate myself.”

These are not problems. 1) You’re not obligated. A week or two before your cleaning appointment, I’ll call you to confirm it. If some-thing has come up, you can reschedule. The advantage is that, having the time held out for you, I have the date-space to juggle appointments to meet your needs. But if you call on the spur of the moment, there’s no space to juggle. Instead, we’ve got disappointment and frustration. 2) As for how often you should clean, that’s obviously your decision to make. In my newsletters, I’ll be giving you tips on ways to avoid excessive contamination, ways to keep your furnishings clean longer. But, from home to home, there are many variables …

  • How careful people are with foodstuffs
  • Number of people living in the home
  • Whether they wear street shoes on their carpet
  • Pet ‘bathroom’ habits
  • How frequently and thoroughly people vacuum

And the variables mentioned above will determine how many months that will take. Basing my cleaning recommendations on what I see in the average home where few precautions are taken, I would recommend cleaning high traffic areas about every six months. Yet, in homes with small children, that could be stretching it a bit. Regardless, all we really need to do is decide on a time frame. And, when the time comes, we can work out the details.

The point is, we can make your life easier by helping you avoid the last-minute hassle, as well as the panic and frustration that come with it. So, give planned home maintenance some thought. You can live healthier, while you add years of additional life and beauty to your carpeting. People who don’t plan ahead usually buy the carpeting they want; then love it for two years, and hate it for eight. For lack of foresight, they ruin it. A sixty second phone call can solve this problem once and for all.